After a heady 4 years since 'I'll Drive You Pray', A La Fu has at last taken time out to complete E.P. No.2. titled 'Critical Hailstones.'

This collection begins with the spontaneous recording 'Gucci Bamboo' with Sandra Melody (Big Dada/Diplo/Lotek Hi Fi/Roots Manuva) in fine off the top/freestyle mode after hearing A La Fu's somewhat bewildering idea for a chorus and subject matter. 'Avoid Television' advises us to do just that, at all costs and that the stakes are now too high for us to stay home with our heads glued to television screens and smart phones, 'Synthetic Nite Owl' celebrates and laments late night/early morning recording sessions and lastly 'Yellow & Violet In The North' is a spacious ode to Aberdeen, Scotland the city of the artists birth.

All these compositions are nurtured in A La Fu's own inimitable style of refusing to be any one thing in particular and further cements his place in the upper echelons of obscurity.

Critical Hailstones is available via our site here and released via all good outlets on 13th April 2018.