Words from The Director, Dougal Thomson:

"I was asked to make a video for the music 'Yellow and Violet in the North' which was inspired by impressionism. I did some research and found that Impressionism was partly due to the advent of pure colour paint production from the world of science. This new colour pallet inspired some artists to leave the comfort of the cities and travel north to the freedom of the outdoors for a new challenge with the self belief of producing something original, a rebirth.

Armed with this new tool (pure colour paints) the artists ask the question, "does the mind see the same as the eye?". They would try to answer and measure this through painting the colour of a scene exactly. Breaking painting tradition by forgoing the detailed brush work in order to capture the transient nature of light with free brush strokes of pure brilliant colour to form impressions of the landscape.

Impressionism's lack of detail in the brush work evokes an isolating effect in the viewer. Artistically challenging, Impressionism took ten years to be considered art. This new, less detailed and free approach carries more space for the viewers to create their own reality and freedom.  So the film is more about what the viewer sees in the pictures and music than about painting as such. Perhaps the film shows how science would use art to measure music’s effects on us, asking the question, do we feel the same things when we see and hear? How do the senses come together to make a tangible, yet untouchable feeling?

It's a map made from the control of science and the freedom of art and music a fine equilibrium of soon to be, good friends. It's a new road, the old rules don’t work for rebirth, destroy to create.

P.S. I wonder why Noir is so hopeful?"