We Yo Nee 7"


We Yo Nee 7"


Die cut and fold, varnished sleeve, includes: Needs Must ft. Juice Aleem b/w Capricorn 4

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Back in the dark ages (well 2004), the debut from We Yo Nee was released, a partnership consisting of A La Fu and Don Kazek, in the form of a perfectly crafted 7′ vinyl treat with a beautiful hand-finished sleeve.

The A side, ‘Need Must’ finds a We Yo Nee sound roaring out from your speakers, ably assisted by the prestigious vocal stylings of Juice Aleem (Big Dada). Organic textures meet head on with solid rhythms, intricate sample, studio and turntable manipulation for what was a full and distinctive modern take on the boom-bap and a lot more besides.

Turn over to the B Side and we can probably hear what direction the pair were likely to venture to in their future collaborations. “Capricorn 4’ is an excursion into soundscape where guitar meets turntables at it’s climax for an understated slice of texture and composition.

We have rescued two small boxes from the archives of it’s original home of Surface Pressure Records so get them while you can.



“Slo-mo beats and the best bassline of the week slide under quite skin-tinglingly beautiful scratches, cello and broken-up harmonica. Like the dream music to a Nigel Kneale play yet to be screened except in your imagination. What a fabulous little single.”
(DJ Magazine)

“A future classic and a highly original slice of organic hip hop feat. Ethereal strings, a haunting female vocal sample and Big Dada’s Juice Aleem. Check the flip too for melancholic space age beats and samples on ‘Capricorn Four’. Out There.
(Straight No Chaser)

“We Yo Nee are 100% imported talents – Needs Must’s welt of infectious samples setting it ahead of standard rap, while Capricorn 4 leaps away from the norm for such a release – scratching, sci-fi samples and an almost post-rock sound underpin the rap, plus an odd coda not unlike Lucky Pierre’s epics. . .”
(Is This Music)

“…this treat stands tall with its refreshing take on the old boom-bap…with a hand-finished sleeve making it even more special!”
(Knowledge Magazine)