Tut Vu Vu - Slow Sound Horn - 10"


Tut Vu Vu - Slow Sound Horn - 10"


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Tut Vu Vu are the Glasgow-based ensemble created by former members of now legendary cult “Horror R&B” band Uncle John & Whitelock – Raydale Dower, Matthew Black and Jamie Bolland are joined on this recording by multi instrumentalist Iban Perez.

‘Slow Sound Horn’ was the flagship offering from label / creative collective JAS POW; the brainchild of Dave Maclean (Django Django) and Andy Wake (The Phantom Band) and was recorded in Glasgow in 2012.


Like the best of jazz, Tut Vu Vu take any heritage or genre and bend it to personal experience. Like the best of rock, they growl and snap at restrictions. Their lineage is in Miles Davis as he stretches the blues across new beats, in the venerable Jonny Woo’s reinvention of drag, in Saint Joseph Beuys defining art as a social sculpture. Their music is the sound of a concrete elephant, smashing open as it falls to earth: this sound is atomised, every note of disintegration lovingly attended, re-assembled and broadcast to the universe, every track herein a message to civilisations yet undiscovered.


Side A
Lynch // French Eggs // Twang

Side B
So Lonely // Smokey // 3 Note