Tut Vu Vu Bundle

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Tut Vu Vu Bundle


Includes Self-titled L.P. // Slow Sound Horn 10″ // Abracadabra Holmes Cassette

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This very limited bundle offers all the current Tut Vu Vu catalogue to date in one handy package. It includes the self titled debut L.P. the 10″ record ‘Slow Sound Horn’ and the very first cassette only release ‘Abracadbra Holmes’.

Tut Vu Vu are the Glasgow-based ensemble created by former members of now legendary cult “Horror R&B” band Uncle John & Whitelock – Raydale Dower, Matthew Black and Jamie Bolland are joined on this recording by multi instrumentalist Iban Perez.

They have variously and incorrectly been referred to as ‘musique concrète’, ‘arguably the best band in Glasgow’, ‘the love child of David Lynch and Anaïs Nin’ or ‘vaguely jazz based rhythm with a wayward electronic disposition’, regardless of these descriptions they are proud to release their self titled debut album ‘Tut Vu Vu’ on VAVA Records, March 2015.

Andy Weatherall describes their sound as having “undertones of the Bad Seeds, The Cramps and I’m also getting Anton LeVay, what’s not to like.” While playing it as part of his guest mix on the BBC 6 Music Freakier Zone show, Stuart Maconie tells Weatherall it is the “favorite of all the things you’ve brought in…I really love it.”

‘Abracadabra Holmes’ was the groups first transmission coming as a beautifully crafted, hand-finished cassette, the 10″ ‘Slow Sound Horn’ was the flagship offering from label / creative collective JAS POW; the brainchild of Dave Maclean (Django Django) and Andy Wake (The Phantom Band) while the debut L.P. released by Va Va Records is presented as a heavy weight vinyl package complete with inner sleeve notes and fine imagery by the band.

Each release is available separately of course but coming in at a very cool £20 for the lot it’s a veritable bargain. Limited copies of cassette and 10″ though so Jack be nimble…