Sound In Print 5

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Sound In Print 5



Ltd Edition Music & Print – MP3 Download of ‘Rhythm & Repitition’ E.P. & 11" x 44" Print (watermarked and numbered) by TRY Industries.

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Sound In Print is a series of releases that partner choice musicians, singers, songwriters, bands and producers with artists, painters, photographers, illustrators and designers to create a piece of music and artwork respectively.

The fifth in our Sound In Print series is a collaboration between young producer Willis Ellmore and design house TRY Industries.

MUSIC – Willis Ellmore –  'Rhythm & Repitition' EP

ARTWORK – TRY Industries – Watermarked & numbered 250gsmArcoprint Indigo, 280mm x 280mm.

Willis Ellmore is the young, self-proclaimed ghetto occupant making noise via electric signals prompted by life's revelations. In his tender years he has already worked with the legendary Mike Ladd and is also one half of Video Tourist with A La Fu. On Rhythm & Repetition Willis Ellmo injects thought into the desert with ambience and drums that uplift with an inner warmth rarely felt these days. He is also joined by the supreme west coast lyrical leftenant 'Barrage' for the self answering cut 'I AM.' Nice package son.

TRY Industries is a design house and collective overseen by Neil Corall (aka Grill Cosby) who has been a long time associate of Va Va Records. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland they've been responsible for the production of T-shirts, posters, record sleeves and the "Bake Haus" night that toasts the one and only Offshore and his music.