Pop Life Crisis
Pop Life Crisis




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While perhaps a riff on the title of a classic Prince song (is there any other kind?) Pop Life Crisis certainly shines a light on the clamber for self importance and escapism through pop culture and social media instead of paying attention to humanitarian, political, economic and environmental crises that continue to pick up pace like a juggernaut towards life threatening levels. Willis Ellmore suggests that it is time to face the real meaning of crisis in popular life, work and society as the closing track (ft. The Dazzla of Lo Tek Hi Fi/Big Dada fame) states:

“We’re in the season of Donald, could it be society’s lost all morals? You know we’re in trouble when a businessman’s in charge of tomorrow.”

‘You Are Free (To Do As They Tell You)’ reminds us that sixty-three million Americans voted for a psychopath, ‘Todays Video Is For You’ is a critique based on the slew of youtube ‘how to make it in music’ videos from alleged professionals, ‘The Star Mangled Banner' touches on the political circus alongside the social media baiting ‘Judge Us By Our Likes & You Wont Press Play’. The E.P. opens with the glowing chords of the title track 'Pop Life Crisis' and though instrumental the forthcoming video gives us a lyrical backdrop to sing-a-long with.

Despite his tender years, the self proclaimed young, ghetto occupant and East Londoner has already worked with the legendary Mike Ladd and is also one half of Video Tourist with the inimitable A La Fu and to quote the young man, “I know its saturation point but I’m Willis Ellmo.” Pop Life Crisis image designed by Willis Ellmore with font designed by Remi/Rough.