Mike Ladd - Welcome To The Afterfuture (Digital Edition)


Mike Ladd - Welcome To The Afterfuture (Digital Edition)


Contains the full album, previously unreleased bonus tracks and Va Va special edition booklet which includes exclusive pictures, lyrics and literature from Will Ashon and Amaechi Uzoigwe.

All MP3s are 320 kbps.

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1. "5000 Miles West of the Future"  //  2. "Airwave Hysteria"  //  3. "Planet 10"  //  4. "Takes More Than 41"  //  5. "Bladerunners" (featuring Company Flow)  //  6. "No. 1 St."  //  7. "To the Moon's Contractor"  //  8. "I Feel Like $100"  //  9. "The Animist"  //  10. "Red Eye to Jupiter (Starship Nigga)"  //  11. "Welcome to the Afterfuture"  //  12. "Wipe Out on the Wave of Armageddon"  //  13. "Feb. 4 '99 (For All Those Killed by Cops)"  Bonus Tracks: 1. Lets Discuss Disgusting  //  2. Stop //  3. Ghostspeare In Athens

We are extremely pleased to present a timely re-issue of Mike Ladd’s crucial and seminal work ‘Welcome To The Afterfuture,’ an L.P. that is included in the book ‘1001 Albums To Hear Before You Die’ and describes Ladd’s masterstroke as a “powerful statement on the concept of justice in a godless land.” The album’s “unique voice from a tobacco-raspy philosopher capable of arch comedy, social insight, and emotional impact in the same line” is an essential “grounded trip” that also features the esteemed and much missed Company Flow, Big Juss, Mr. Len and El-P (Run The Jewels).

This powerfully moving blow from an artist who typically aims for the head is just as relevant in our present day, if not more so, than it was on its initial release. As well as re-issuing a deluxe version of the double L.P. on vinyl (packaged with a special inner booklet complete with exclusive pictures, lyrics, literature from prominent writers and critics, plus bonus tracks*) we will also be releasing the album in digital format for the first time.

* Contains three unreleased bonus tracks including production from our very own young gun Willis Ellmore.

“What really resonates for me on this album that is now 15 years old, you have two very specific references to Amadou Diallo and his murder, and 15 years later we’re still going through all these same issues with police brutality and police killing.” – Mike Ladd

“F**k neo-soul, this is post-soul, only better than something called post-soul should ever be.” – Pitchfork