Keith K. Hopewell - MYTH 12"


Keith K. Hopewell - MYTH 12"


Backed w/ the excellent genre defying track Myth and Structures.

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“Those in reality have lost their way, now they must listen to what myth has to say.” – Sun Ra.

And so begins ‘MYTH’ a record that tears up the rule book with its teasing, futurist outlook while its flipside offers sub stabs that drop like the Titanic. Both built for floors and sound systems alike.

Genre-splicing artist Keith K. Hopewell, whose previous recordings bear the nom-de-guerre Part 2 as an artist/producer for Big Dada/Ninja Tune, and worked with artists such as New Flesh, Rammellzee, Blackalicious, Saul Williams, Roots Manuva and Anti-Pop Consortium has created his first release since 2006.

In the album’s sleeve notes, writer James McNally depicts the track Myth as “the adolescent dream of electro re-imagined according to a more desolate vision of the future by a man who, crucially, never forgot that ‘Planet Rock’ was street avant-gard- ism before it was an ‘electro classic’. Nowhere is this clearer than on ‘Myth’ where ‘Planet Rock’s key rhythmic trope – the distinctive syncopations of Kraftwerk’s ‘Numbers’ – is ground into a bleak and furiously oscillating acid fever”.

The project was initially conceived as a sound installation titled ‘Broken Systems In C Major’ which exhibited at London’s Hoxton Gallery. Inside a dark receptacle, the audience were directly exposed to the visceral qualities of bass resonance, resulting from a feedback loop which was created by two hidden sub-speakers in a constructed echoic chamber (also the first track on the LP).

Hopewell’s latest album expands on the ideas explored in his installation, allowing us the formal comforts of rhythm through a palette of textures and tantalizing, infrequent plunges into jazz harmony where we experience moments of harmonic richness, pressure, rhythm and the exploration of new possibilities.