Jacob Yates - Luck - C.D.

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Jacob Yates - Luck - C.D.


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After the demise of cult favourites ‘Uncle John & Whitelock’ and the death of ‘Horror R ‘n’ B’, lead singer Jacob Yates (aka Jacob Lovatt, Uncle John) is back with his new outfit, ‘the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers’, and their own brand of Maryhill rock ‘n’ roll – ‘Doom-Wop’.

In 2010 the Lock Pickers released two singles ‘Whe You Left Me / You Started At The Bottom’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ via fellow Glaswegians She’s Hit’s imprint RE:PEATER Records. Critical acclaim was quick to follow and BBC Radio’s Vic Galloway hailed ‘You Started At The Bottom’ as an alternative National Anthem. With lyrical content spanning subjects as diverse as soft drinks, Dundee and family bereavement, a vocal delivery akin to Nick Cave and a musical style recalling Tom Waits’ more rustic moments (Heartattack & Vine, Mule Variations) the Yates’ have hit a winning formula on their debut album ‘Luck’. From the haunting opening track ‘Mark’ through to the closing doom-wop epic ‘When You Left Me’, the record is a perfect balance between Jake’s gritted delivery and the Lock Pickers sludged playing. The twisted rockabilly of ‘The Black Dog’, vitriolic rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Can’t Stop’ and the next single ‘Lemonade’ – which sounds like the ghost of Bo Diddley covering the hand-jive from beyond the grave – ensure that this record has something for anyone that likes their music raw, dark and leftfield.


2.The Black Dog
3.Mary Hell
5.Can’t Stop
8.When You Left Me