A La Fu - 140 Characters Print

140 Characters A2 PRINT new1000sq.jpg
140 Characters A2 PRINT new1000sq.jpg

A La Fu - 140 Characters Print


A2 Satin Finished/Numbered Print & MP3 Download Card

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Having resisted Twitter for so long the only way in for A La Fu was to turn Twitter into a medium for creating a complete project and/or making it a platform for something mildly interesting rather than spending some time just tweeting a few short posts.

  • The first tweet began with a completion date and only on that day would the project title be revealed.
  • The following tweets thereafter were numbered next to a particular name alongside a link to a web page where a photograph of that person was posted.
  • On the completion date the 140th tweet announced one last name. The title of the completed project was then revealed along with a link to the image of the print, a song (a ditty) and small video.

A LA FU TWTR PRJCT 02 – ‘Talkin Twit’ also took place over @onetwoalafu