This special edition of the AudioVaVafesto celebrates the 10 year anniversary of our good friend Leon Magdi who reaches a special landmark today (May 5th). We wish we were there to celebrate with him and the family but here's to Lil' Leon Magdi, the shape of things to come:


Hand - Hand – Jonnie Common
Abba Zabba – Captain Beefheart
Purp Walk – Lunice
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors – Radiohead
You Always Start It – XXXY

Buzzard And Kestrel – James Blake
I See Them Everywhere
Revenue (Untold Rmx) – Ramadanman
Twitta Dat – Sines
Home Alone – Virgo
Dirtbag – Silencer//If Man’s Talking
Au Suivant - Jacques Brel
Yo Tink It Sorf – Lancelot Layne